I’m a pro cleaner – three hacks to deter spiders from your home… and why you must pour boiling water down the sink | The Sun

A CLEANING pro has shared three hacks to stop bugs and other insects from entering your home. 

The mum of two said her simple natural methods easily banish creepy crawlies from her home.

Chantel Mila shared her tips in an Instagram video online. 

She said: “Here are three hacks to keep bugs and spiders away from your home.”

Chantel's first tip is how to deter spiders from crawling into your home. 

She said: “Mix one cup of water with sprigs of rosemary and spray this on your windows to repel spiders.”

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Spiders usually can’t stand the intense smell of rosemary, that is why it's a great bush to have near your doors and windows in your house. 

The cleaning fan also has a tip for banishing fruit flies from your home. 

She said: “[To pour] Boiling water down your drains to deter fruit flies.”

Fruit flies can usually survive typical water flow down the drain, but boiling some hot water and pouring it down can kill flies and their eggs, so they will stop coming back. 

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If you’ve got a problem with crawling insects the cleaning fan recommends that you use orange oil. 

Chantel said: “Add orange oil to your mop to repel crawling insects.”


Make sure it is properly diluted with water but a few drops should do the trick. 

The cleaning fans video was viewed over 3.4 million times and people say they were great hacks. 

One user said: “I need to do this.”

Another said: “The spider one might be worth a try.”

“What a great tip. I’ll be trying that this week,” said a third viewer. 

Some viewers were sharing their own tips as, well.


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One user warned: “This only works if you don’t have pets though. Need to be careful with Essential oils when you have dogs and cats…”

Another said: “Also mint is good against stink bugs.”

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