I’m a nursery worker – there’s a phone call we HATE making to parents & something we’ll always hide from them too | The Sun

LOOKING after somebody else’s child can be nerve wracking because the last thing anyone wants is for something to go wrong. 

And one nursery worker has revealed that there is one specific thing she's not a fan of.

Chelsey who says she is “basically bringing up the next generation” shared a video to her followers on TikTok, and so many people and nursery workers are agreeing with her. 

In the first video, which has been liked over 2,000 times, is captioned: “Anyone else hate talking on the phone?”

In the video she films herself miming to a song which says: “Can somebody get me a drink, because it’s hard, it’s hard, it’s really, really hard.” 

And the writing on the video says: “When you’ve gotta (SIC) phone a parent to say they need to collect their child because they have a temperature.”

Other nursery workers were quick to comment and agree with her. 

One wrote: “Leaving the voicemail is even worse.”

While another added: “I get so nervous when you have to phone about a head bump.”

Another said: “We tend to say it’s the key worker’s job to call if they can so you better hope you don’t get the awful parents!”

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Then someone else added what she claims to be commonly said by parents by writing: “Can you call back in an hour and if it’s still not gone down i'll come collect”.

In another video, Chelsey explained the one thing she questions on whether to tell the parents about their child. 

She writes: “When a child takes their first steps at nursery.”

And captions the video: “To tell or not to tell the parents those are the questions…what’s everyone’s opinion.” 

Many other nursery workers were quick to express their opinion.


One said: “Don’t tell them! Let them tell you and think they saw it first!!

ANother said: “Don't tell them. It would crush a lot of parents missing that milestone. if they don't know it happened then it didn't happen.”

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A third added: “We’re not allowed to tell them unless they want to know but I usually take photos/video and save them until they know and send them.”

Whilst another parent said: “I’d prefer to be told, but that’s just me. My daughter said a word once and we didn’t hear it or any again for a year!”

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