I'm a mum-of-two & have some tips for keeping your home warm WITHOUT the heating – including what to wear to stay toasty | The Sun

WE'RE all looking for different ideas on how to keep our homes warm without turning the heating on.

So mum-of-two Jamie decided to take to TikTok to share her top five tips on how she keeps her house – and herself – toasty during the cost of living crisis.

"First up, get yourself a thermal vest," she said. "It’s all about layering.

"My nan bought this for me from Primark and honestly, when I started wearing it, I couldn’t believe the difference it made and how much warmer it kept me.

"So thermal vest, T-shirt, jumper – high-necked jumper to keep your throat warm."

Next, Jamie suggested getting a gilet.

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"Again, the difference this has made in keeping me warm is crazy," she added.

As for your feet, Jamie suggests doubling up with socks and then slippers or shoes that have a sole.

"When I put my foot on the ground, it’s cold with my socks on and then the difference with this is crazy," she said.

"So I promise that’ll keep you warm."

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Her final two tips – which are especially applicable to those working from home – were to wear fingerless gloves and a hat.

"If you have any more tips, please drop them in the comments, because I know we’re all on this ludicrous journey together," she concluded.

"I’m appalled that in 2022, my husband and I both work, and like many people in the UK right now, we are struggling to pay to heat our house.

"It’s just barmy.

"But until we can make societal, governmental change, unfortunately these are the videos people are having to do on TikTok."

"Breaks my heart that we all work so hard and we can’t have the basics of being warm in our own homes," one person commented on the video.

As another added: "I didn't even think about thermals! will try that tomorrow! thanks."

"Tinfoil behind your radiators are a GAME changer it heats up the room a lot quicker and lasts longer im not sure why," a third commented.

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