I'm a mum of three and don’t always have time to make a perfect packed lunch for my kids – sometimes I just ‘chuck & go’ | The Sun

A MUM OF THREE has taken to TikTok to share a 'realistic' packed lunch to reassure other parents that she doesn't always have time for picture-perfect boxes. 

Hannah, known online as @hannahhomeeducates, regularly shares parenting tips with her 162,000 followers. 

Every week, Hannah shares what she puts inside her three homeschooled kids’ lunchboxes to give other parents some inspiration. 

The boxes, split into different-sized compartments, often contain a sandwich, some fruit and a range of snacks. 

But in a new video, the single mum shares a ‘realistic’ packed lunch, after admitting that she hasn’t had time to do a food shop yet. 

She said: “Hey, so you know I do those, ‘what’s in my kids’ packed lunches'. 


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“And it’s usually in the Yumbox with little compartments and they’ve got cute stuff. They might have Bento picks and notes. 

“Today is the other side of that. 

“So we’re going to a Parkour class, it’s my kids’ first time. 

“This is what they’ve got. A random plastic bag full of stuff. 

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“I haven’t done them a separate bag each. There’s just one big bag of random food. 

“We are due a shop so it’s just all the random last bits. I’ve just chucked whole packs of stuff in there. 

“There’s like a pack of bananas, pack of oranges, some apples, breadsticks, cheese straws, yogurt, crisps, biscuits. 

“And I’m just going to make some sandwiches, chuck them in as well, and that will be that. 

“I call it balance.”

Parents loved Hannah’s honesty, with the video gaining more than 700 likes and 8,800 views. 

In the comments, one wrote: “Thanks for keeping it real.”

Another said: “My kids eat more when we do the random bag full of stuff lunches. 6yo ate a whole pepper like an apple yesterday just cause I hadn’t cut it up yet.”

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A third added: “Yeah sometimes that’s the way it is. But at least they’re eating.”

Someone else put: “The random plastic bag comes everywhere with us!”

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