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THE summer holidays are just round the corner, which means parents across the country are feeling the pressure to try and entertain the kids for six whole weeks.

Trying to keep your brood busy – and safe – is something parenting pro Lynda Harding, who is also a proud mum of six, knows all about.

She is also the founder of baby sleeping aid, Ewan the Dream Sheep, and has over 30 years experience running a day nursery.

She says: "As a mum of six, I approached the six-week summer holiday break with military precision!

"I would meticulously create a comprehensive timetable that catered to the wide range of ages in my brood.

"I must admit, it could be quite chaotic and stressful at times, trying to keep track of everyone and ensure their safety while still allowing them to have a great time."


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Here, Lynda shares her top five tips to keeping your kids safe this summer.

Shield them from the sun

Summer brings sunny days, and protecting your kids from harmful UV rays is a must.

Grab a sunscreen with a high SPF and slather it on your little adventurers before stepping out.

Don't forget those adorable sun hats and sunglasses to shield their delicate faces and eyes.

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Try keeping young babies in the shade as much as possible, so if you're planning a beach trip, invest in a UV-protective beach tent or shade to create a cool oasis for your family.

My Must-Have Products: Childs Farm 50+ SPF Sun Cream – a water-resistant, gentle formula perfect for your active little ones.

The Snoozeshade Blackout Blind with UV sun protection is also great for encouraging naps whilst out and about.

Embrace Water Safety

Be it beach outings, poolside splashes or garden paddling pools, water safety is paramount.

Enrol your kids in swimming lessons at an early age and keep a watchful eye on them when they're near water.

Whilst enjoying water fun in the garden, make sure your kids are always supervised and that you have a designated “pool watcher” for even the shallowest of paddling pools, as sadly tragedies can occur in just a few centimetres of water.

For the littlest ones, arm them with approved flotation devices like armbands or floatsuits.

And always make sure older children know the importance of swimming in designated areas and understand basic water safety rules.

Be wary of rip tides and other water hazards which may go unnoticed if swimming in open water.

My Must-Have Product: Kondfidence Floatsuits/jackets for your water-loving brood.

Provide a safe sleep environment

Having recently partnered with The Lullaby Trust, the UK’s leading safer sleep charity, Misty the Smart Cloud from Sweet Dreamers is an essential gadget to keep in little ones bedrooms, especially during the summer months.

Thoughtfully designed, it helps to ensure parents have the perfect room environment for safer sleep, with Misty’s room thermometer being invaluable.

The soothing colour coded temperature gauge alerts parents via the app on their phone, or the digital numerical display when parents need to adjust bedding, tog ratings, clothing and/or the overall room temperature.

The 4-in-1 product also offers a sleep-inducing light show, sleep trainer and personal assistant, which links to both an app and Amazon Alexa – helping everyone get an undisturbed sleep during the warmer nights.

Road Rules

Teaching your kids about road safety is a lifelong lesson but getting out and about more during the warmer months, poses more risks!

Whether they're walking to the park or riding their bikes, instil in them the importance of using designated cycle paths and pedestrian areas.

Don't forget the helmets when cycling or scootering, and make sure they understand the significance of looking both ways before crossing.

And for the tech-savvy teens, remind them to keep their eyes
on the road, not on their screens!

Tackle the Digital World

In today's digital age, keeping your kids safe online is essential, and with more screen time during the summer holidays, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Teach them about online privacy and the dangers of sharing personal information.

Have open conversations about cyberbullying and encourage them to talk to you if they face any issues.

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Stay ahead by using parental control settings on their devices, limit screen time, and consider utilising safety apps to monitor their online activities, especially for your tech-savvy teens.

My Must-Have Product: Norton Family – parental control software that helps you set boundaries, monitor online activities, and block inappropriate content.

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