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A MUM-of-12 has showed off the huge piles of Valentine's Day presents she's bought for her bumper brood.

Alicia Dougherty, from New York, has made a name for herself online, mostly thanks to the crazy amount of food her family goes through and the amount of presents they get for every occasion.

In a recent clip which the mum shared on TikTok, she showed off the Valentine's Day baskets she created leaving viewers stunned by the gifts.

The mum used heart-shaped baskets filled themed tissue paper to hold the presents.

Alicia made sure each kid got exactly the same thing in their basket to make it totally fair.

Starting off with some sweet treats, the mum didn't hold back on themed snacks.


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Each basket got a packet of Skittles, Rice Krispies Treats, heart-shaped chocolates and even an apple sauce pouch.

Not only that, but they also each got a matching soft toy of a dog wearing a hoodie, as well as a glow necklace and even more sweet treats.

Each kid also got a heart balloon and a hand written card from the busy mum.

Some users thought the matching gifts were a bit strange considering the big age range of Alicia's 12 kids.

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"I's rather have something unique, it would mean nothing to me to get exactly what everyone else is," one user jabbed.

Another user agreed: "I love this but maybe you should ass like an individual gift.

"Like for Neveah skincare or makeup, something that lets them know you acknowledge their interests."

And other users thought giving 12 kids presents for every small holiday was a total waste.

"They're going to be bored of all of this in five minutes, the older boys aren't even going to want half of it," one person commented.

Another agreed: "It seems wasteful, they don't need to be spoiled all the time, the card would've been enough,"

Meanwhile, someone else joked: "Where is the 20 MacBook's and 56 pairs of Air Pod's, can't forget the Nintendo Switch."

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