I'm a mum & always get weird looks over the park for my unique parenting technique – I never make my kids share | The Sun

WHEN it comes to parenting, we all have different styles and techniques that we think work well with our children.

But the chances are, that not everyone will be in agreement.

Mum-of-two TikToker Victoria Yavnyi, who is from the US, posted a video to social media sharing the things she does as a parent at the park that she gets weird looks for.

In the clip, she begins: "Don't run to my baby when she falls."

She then goes on to say how she also lets her daughter "climb on whatever she wants" and "scream at the top of her lungs."

Another action that Victoria says some parents may deem to be controversial is that she doesn't "force" her child to "share with their kids if she doesn't want to."

Finally, she notes that she also gets judged by strangers for dressing her daughter in "boy clothes."


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The post has since racked up thousands of views and been flooded with comments online – with very mixed responses.

"Literally had a mum tell me to parent better cause I didn’t run to my 2 year old when he tripped in grass lol," wrote one.

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A second penned: "If her child falls and isn't in pain then her child is fine. Children shouldn't have to share their toys. Playground are designed so kids can have fun."

A third commented: "I understand dressing in boys clothing they have better sweats pants and stuff."

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Meanwhile, a fourth argued: "Except the climbing. They can not understand the danger."

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Another agreed: "But children in this age don’t understand the danger you do know this, right?)"

A further added: "Screaming? Manners though – no hate, just curious what you're going to do if she screams in school? Or are you home schooling."

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