I’m a money-saving whizz – the £8 buy from Asda you need to nab now to save a fortune on snacks this Christmas | The Sun

FROM food to presents, there's no denying that Christmas is the most expensive time of year.

But a money-saving whizz has revealed how you can budget the pennies and save a small fortune this festive season – and it's all thanks to an £8 bargain buy from Asda.

In a post shared to TikTok (@cinderswish), the woman, known online as 'Cinders Wish,' says: "At Christmas time, obviously everyone likes a bit of a snack – biscuits, chocolates, sweets and things like that."

"What I do and what works really well for me – and I had a few people comment on it last year saying, 'oh, I wish we knew this earlier' – so I'm giving you the head's up…

"What I do is probably from the end of October, so I'll give it a couple of weeks, things start going on offer.

"I buy them on offer and put them in one of these boxes, which I found in Asda, George.



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"It was a 60 litre for about £8."

She continues: "I put crisps in one, sweets, biscuits and all the other bits in the other.


"So we have a savoury box and a sweet box, and I'll keep it somewhere I can see it.

"And I'll know when I go out shopping, not to buy the same thing again because otherwise you end up doubling up.

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"But at least if it's on offer, put it in here, and forget about it until Christmas."

She concludes: "And it's so nice because then you go, 'oh, let's get our snacks out.'

"And it's all in one place rather than in the kitchen and in the cupboard…so that's my Christmas money saving tip."

The video has since gone viral, garnering an impressive 283k views and several comments from social media users online.

"From the end of September I buy a few items a week. come December all we need if perishables and the meat. i have an app on my phone to tick off too," wrote one.

A second penned: "I've already brought things like Xmas pudding, custard, bottles of drink, grab a couple of bits each shop so I don’t have a huge Xmas shop to do."

A third commented: "My husband would never not be able to keep his hands out the box."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "I do this, something my mum always did. saves you money and hassle of last minute hassle."

Another added: "Same doing it every week from 1st Oct the last 25 years then just normal weekly shop Xmas week."

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A further chimed in: "Very good idea this is what I'm going to start doing."

And one more wrote: "I've already started although mine go in a bag for life."

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