I'm a money saving mum & a trick I use which helps me to have MORE money left over in the month, I have Christmas paid | The Sun

TRYING to make your pay cheque last for the whole month can be tough when there are soaring energy bills and inflation on food. 

However, one mum has revealed that it’s not as difficult as you think as she has come up with a super savvy hack when it comes to saving money. 

Beth, who goes by the name of ‘budgetswithbeth' on TikTok, has shared her technique with her 27.8k followers. 

And it’s all about ‘cash stuffing’ which involves taking your spending money, converting it to cash and stuffing it into envelopes marked with spending categories like rent, bills, groceries and gas.

In one video, she said: “It’s time to get my August cash stuffing done.

“I've been to the bank and I've got all the notes that I need.


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"The first thing I always do is go through the notes and I check that they are the correct way and I count them out to make sure they match my cash totals card.

“Next, I separate out my weekly money for the month.

“Now August is a five week month but because I'm away for two weeks, (which means) I only need to have three weeks worth of weekly money.

“So this money here covers food shops, weekend spending, housekeeping and any personal spending.

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“I'll also add the petrol money for the month into this folder here which I will then just take when I need it.

“We're adding £10 into the window cleaner as he is due this week.

“Next I'm going into my annuals binder and I'm adding £10 into home insurance and then I'm adding £40 into my water Bill.

“This water Bill is now fully funded which is amazing, so I'm going to pay this into the bank ready for my Bill to come in and then for next month I will start the black and white tracker that you can see there behind it ready for the next water bill.

“The TV licence also gets £10 and my car MOT and service get £10 each as well and then the last one in here is car tax and that gets £10.

“Then I am moving on to school uniform, this is getting £30 which completes this and now it’s fully funded which is great.

“So it means that next week and the week after I can go and get the uniform that my children need.

“Holiday fund is next and we are putting £40 in here and we've got £30 going into car fund and this is also now fully funded.

“This fund is for anything to do with maintenance on the car.”

She goes to share £10 into a birthday folder, £20 for dentist and then £50 for emergency fund, as well as another £50 for childcare. 

Beth also added another £50 into the Christmas folder, and explained that she is one more month away from it being fully funded.

Beth is left with £55 which she then adds into the summer save, and “that is August all stuffed and ready to go.” 

The video has attracted loads of attention, with thousands rushing to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “This should be shown in schools as real world stuff not influencers telling them nonsens.”

Another added: “Personal preference, we do this but literally just in a spreadsheet and a savings account. It earns interest and takes 5 mins to update on payday.”

To which Beth replied: “Having it online just didn’t work for me – I just love seeing the physical money and knowing that I’ve worked hard to have that there!“


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A third wrote: “I agree having cash is easy to budget for a lot. I just put £40 per week away in a wallet for Christmas and house/ car insurance.

"Dreading, losing cash.”Beth replied with: “It really makes a difference having that money saved for when those events need paying for! Well done!”

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