I’m a mom – my Walmart Crockpot tortellini dish is so quick to prepare, people say it’s the ‘best thing’ they’ve made | The Sun

A MOM'S special recipe for her Walmart Crockpot tortellini has been tickling her followers' taste buds.

They loved this budget-friendly dish and described it as the "best thing" they've ever made.

Christa G's (@christahg5) foodie post has already been liked by over 11,000 people.

She is one popular lady, with a following of 178,000 and an insane 3.5 million likes.

Her TikTok is committed to “Fashion, food, and funnies.”

This post offered an easy-to-make dish for busy families.

“Let’s make Crockpot tortellini," she said, beaming widely.

“My family loved this," she said.

"So yummy and full of cheesy goodness."

Then she prepared the dish – and it's super easy.

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Tortellini, diced tomatoes, chicken broth, cream cheese, grated cheese, seasoning, and spinach went into the Crockpot.

“Make sure you close the lid," she wrote, as she crammed the spinach in.

“Cook high for two and a half hours and enjoy,”

The finished dish looked scrumptious.

Crockpot Tortellini

This super-easy cheese tortellini as been described as the “best thing to date

Spray the Crockpot with oil.

Family-size bag of tortellini.

Large can of Rotel's diced tomatoes.

32 fl oz of chicken broth.

Block of cream cheese.

Onion powder, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning, according to taste.

Grated cheese.

Bag of spinach.

Commenters thought so too.

“I made this today it was awesome. Thank you for the recipe," one fan said.

Another said: “Thank you, this meal was amazing. You nailed it.”

The final commenter agreed.

“This is the best thing to date I’ve ever make in a crockpot. Omg amazing, thank you," he said.

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