I'm a master catfish…. my make-up skills are so good, I can turn myself into a Bratz doll in minutes | The Sun

A TALENTED make-up enthusiast has gone viral after sharing an incredible transformation – some say she even looks like a Bratz doll.

The TikTok user Anastasia (@anastasile) has amassed herself an impressive fanbase of 1.6million followers, with her spectacular skillset leaving many in awe.

Racking up almost 50million likes on TikTok, the Russian-speaking beauty regularly uploads phenomenal transformation videos, which don't go unnoticed by fellow users.

One such video has taken the internet by storm and sees the talented brunette turn into a unrecognisable stunner, with many comparing her looks to a real life Bratz doll and The Queen's Gambit star, Anya-Taylor-Joy.

At the start of the viral glow-up clip, the make-up enthusiast is facing a ring light barefaced, with her hair slightly messy and wearing a grey hoodie.

Then, while lip-syncing to Love Game by Lady Gaga, Anastasia turns back before revealing a sensational transformation.

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From a beautiful woman wearing no make-up, she suddenly becomes a confident stunner, rocking a sexy wet hair look and a slinky top.

The amazing glow-up is completed with a dark nude lipstick, flawless skin, red carpet-ready eyebrows and a chic eyeshadow look, making her eyes appear more intense.

The end result left many in awe at how talented she is, with some taking to the comments to share their thoughts.

Amongst those stunned by the look was also Lady Gaga, who said she loved the video.

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''The way you’re beautiful before and after??? GODESS [sic],'' wrote one fan.

Another agreed, saying: ''this is tiktok premium.''

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An eagle-eyed user penned: ''Love child of Anya Taylor Joy and Katherine Heigl.''

Someone else thought: ''in the best way you look like a bratz doll its so beautiful [sic].''

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However, not everyone's a fan of Anastasia's skills – a troll was convinced it was two different people in the video.

''I see these, pay attention to facial features and realize they can't be the same person. There are thing's make up cannot hide.''

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