I’m a jewellery pro – this is what your engagement ring says about you & it may be bad news if you have a solitaire | The Sun

CHOOSING an engagement ring is a very personal choice and apparently can reveal a lot about your personality, according to an expert.

Cullen Jewellery uploaded a video breaking down popular ring styles and what they indicate about the wearer.

The clip has got 26,000 likes and many people said they felt the jewellery expert’s observations were very accurate indeed.

Here are some common ring types and what they may reveal about you…

A round solitaire

The TikToker said this ring is a “classic” and added of the wearer: “You love designer and love the finer things in life.

“You also love getting drinks with gals on the weekend but you are also the mum of the group and need to be back in bed by 9pm.”

The oval trilogy

If you have this ring, you are a “mum of three kids with a Range Rover”, according to the jewellery pro.

She said: “You are super organised and you throw great house parties.”

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The pear halo

You are an “unproblematic queen” if you have a pear halo ring, said the expert.

She added: “You have the kindest heart but you also have a coffee addiction.”

The radiant pave

The jewellery expert said if you have a pave ring you are the “main character” but you “don’t ask to be, it simply falls upon you.

“You give great advice but you just don’t take it yourself.”

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Many people were quick to comment on her observations, with one saying: “omg…the accuracy.”

Another added: “Okay, but why was mine so accurate.”

But a third wrote: “Orr….. the guy just picked out the one he liked most.”

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