I'm a hot mom – men always want to date me until they realize what it's really like having kids | The Sun

DATING as a single parent can feel like you're always juggling your time.

A TikToker shared a typical scenario she has to deal with while dating as a parent of young children.

TikTok user @ladyrwby3 revealed that men always want to date her until they realize she has kids.

"Everyone wants a MILF until…" the TikToker wrote in her video as she posed on her bed.

However the sexy moment was short lived as her children can be heard calling her from the other room.

The hot mom can be seen wearing a see through white blouse and a short leather skirt.

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The TikToker's child can be heard knocking at her door as she poses on her silk bedsheets.

The single mother regularly posts videos showing off her beautiful looks and toned physique.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the having a relationship as a single parent.

"If they can't accept you have kids then close the door on them. Full package or nothing," said one viewer.

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Another follower wrote: "Omg, this happened to me when I was dating a single mom."

"Lol that's my problem, being a single dad," commented a third person.

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