I’m a hot granny at 56 – men say they ‘can’t talk to me’ as they’re married but I don’t care | The Sun

AN attractive grandmother has shown that she's living her best life at 56.

She said that men say they can't talk to her because they're married, but she couldn't care less.

Ruby Lynne (@iamrubylynne) is a self-described full-time content creator who is "56 years young."

She prides herself on being a hot grandma and ensures everyone knows it.

In a TikTok video, she revealed that one of the comments she receives from married men is that they can't talk to her because she's too tempting.

Ruby made it very clear how unbothered and unfazed she was by that fact and that it didn't matter to her.

"'I can't talk to you I'm married'," the subtitle read.

In response to the statement, the mother figure mouthed along to the background audio that sang, "I don't care."

In the video, she wore a see-through blue blouse with floral details that exposed her white bra underneath and green pants.

She bounced her full bust and showed her curvy body to her audience in the style.

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Her comments were flooded with attention from male suitors.

"No problem. I'm not jealous," a viewer commented.

"What difference does that make? You are so beautiful," an admirer complimented.

"Mind of Matter. If you don't mind, it won't matter," another chimed in.

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