I’m a ‘hot’ female farmer – women in male-dominated industries work twice as hard and look good doing it | The Sun

A FEMALE farmer has proved that working in cow muck all day doesn’t mean she can’t look hot doing it.

But she also has also discovered that she has to work just that bit harder to prove herself in this male-dominated industry.

In the heat of a New Zealand summer, Itsthatkiwigirl's (@itsthatkiwigirl) farm overalls were left on the coat hook.

Instead out came the briefest of shorts and skimpy crop tops and they turned a few heads.

But that shouldn't fool anyone, because she is a hard worker and is determined to prove her worth on the farm.

There is no room for slackers in this industry and in her recent video, she demonstrated that she was prepared to do the graft and get her hands dirty, and put the hours in.

But that doesn't mean she has had to compromise on the femininity front.

In a recent post to her TikTok, she appeared in a number of frames at work and wanted to prove her point.

She wore teeny tiny shorts, and a crop vest top with a pair of Wellington boots, and her video was captioned:  “Females working in a male-dominated industry.”

Dated attitudes still exist about women playing an equal role on the farm outside of the kitchen, but this country girl is part of a new generation challenging these views.

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“Will work twice as hard to prove themselves and will look hot doing it," she captioned her video to push her point home.

In the milking parlor, she wore shorts again, a crop vest top, and blonde hair pulled back in a messy ponytail.

“Girls just do it better,” she said and many of her 117,000 followers and 1.2 million likes, agreed with her.

Many fans commented and backed her all the way in her farming life, one suggesting potential nuptials on the landscape.

“Believe me you are doing better than many men out there," was one supportive response.

“Yes, they do. You are so beautiful," gushed one fan.

“Girls can do anything and kick a**," was one spirited reply.

There was at least one offer of work: “I still think you should come milk for me.”

Finally, one awe-struck viewer could see the future: “Wife material you are."

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