I'm a Hooters girl – here’s how I made nearly $400 tips in just one day with some customers giving 50 per cent | The Sun

A HOOTERS girl has revealed how much she makes in a day at the raunchy restaurant, as some customers fork out a massive 50% tip.

After finishing up a double shift, TikTok waitress Jay Marie counted up almost $400 in extra cash.

In a clip to her thousands of followers, the server gave fans a glimpse at a "tip count at a double at Hooters".

She counted out over $100 in tips from the bill, with some customers giving the waitress an extra 50% of their original bill.

And as she moves on to cash tips, Jay Marie's tip count rises to almost $400 for just one day.

Despite it being the "slow season", this Hooters waitress also revealed that she raked in over $1000 in one weekend just from generous customers.

In a video viewed over 100,000 times, TikToker Niya, who uses the handle @niyaalane, shared how she earned the massive wad of cash.

Another Hooters bombshell has opened up about what it's like to be constantly flirted with while at work.

But she said that it has its perks – as there is one kind of customer she always hopes leaves their number on the receipt.

Many women share details about their racy uniforms and the feedback they receive during their shifts.

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One TikTok creator, Katie Beal, answered commonly asked questions about working at Hooters in a recent video.

In the clip, Beal shares useful insights into the interview and hiring process, the tip system, and rules over the famous Hooters uniforms.

"Basically, you go in just like any regular interview for the first one, and if they like you, they'll ask you to come back for a second interview, which is what they call an audition," she explains.

If you make it to this stage, prospective Hooters girls try on the uniform, and Beal revealed that you usually get to this stage if they liked you from the start.

However, she recommends not submitting or wearing scantily clad photos when applying to work as a Hooters girl.

Instead, she advises dressing in fashionable attire that shows off your body shape.

"You need to have your makeup and hair done because when you work there, you have to have that done, so they want to see what it's gonna look like when you're working there," she says.

And another Hooters girl, Hannah Georgette, who is also a lifestyle vlogger, said that the job does sadly cause trolls to leave negative comments on her videos.

But despite the mean jabs, Hannah said she still loves her job.

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