I’m a gentle parent and never say ‘no’ or ‘get down’ – here’s what I use instead, it’s worked wonders for my kids

IF you find yourself constantly ordering your child to "get down", then this advice might change your life.

Gentle parent Kelly Medina Enos took to TikTok to share a video explaining the phrases she has used to replace "get down" and "no", and admitted that making the alteration has helped her family "massively".

"You could try things like this – ‘Okay, on the floor please’," she said.

"It just makes a more positive spin on getting down from somewhere.

"Or you could try this – ‘How are you going to get down from there?’

"This allows your child then to think, ’S**t, how am I going to get down from here? Interesting.’"

If your child still won't come down, Kelly advises asking "Either you can put your feet on the floor or Mummy can help you, which one would you like?"

"Again if your child is anything like mine you’ll probably get one of these back, ‘I. do. it'," she laughed. "Toddlers man, honestly."

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Meanwhile, if you have a "chronic climber" as a child, Kelly suggests investing in "something that they can climb".

While she has a Pikler Slide, she admits it was quite expensive, so it's worth keeping an eye out on marketplace or auction sites.

"Just anything that they can climb safely," she added.

"Then what you can do is redirect them. It’s quite clear that they want to climb, they do it continuously.

"They are always on this box, I am always telling them to get down or put their feet on the floor, but they just keep doing it.

"Redirection in that case is absolutely key.

"‘Oh, I can’t let you climb that box, it’s not safe. If you want to climb, I can get your slide out. You want me to get your slide?

"Ok. And next time you want to climb, you say Slide please and I’ll get your slide out.’"

She explained: "That way you’re not stopping them from doing the thing that they quite clearly love doing, you’re just redirecting them and telling them where they can do it but in a safe environment."

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