I’m a gardening expert – the simple way to kill moss from your driveway for just 60p using this household item

DRIVEWAYS are often home to spots of moss – leaving it looking untidy.

If it isn't taken care of moss can take over your entire driveway as tarmac provided the perfect environment for it to thrive in.

Luckily, a gardening expert has revealed the simple way to remove moss and kill it for good.

The rough surface of tarmac gathers and retains water more than over materials, making it the ideal breeding spot for moss which needs a damp environment to grow.

While it looks unsightly, moss can actually also be very dangerous , a sit becomes slippery in wet weather.

So if you want to know how to get rid of the hazardous fungus then you'll be pleased to know there are two methods you can use, and you probably already have them at home, reports the Express.


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Vinegar is a great way to remove moss, and costs as little as 60p from Tesco.

Mix one tablespoon of distilled vinegar with water and fill it in a spray bottle.

Then, spray the moss with the solution daily until the moss dies, if it isn't effective add more vinegar to your solution.

Once the moss has died, use a hard-bristled brush to sweep up the remains.

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You can also use laundry detergent to banish moss by sprinkling biological washing powder over the moss.

It's best to do this on aday where it will rain as this will kill the moss, but if there isn't any, you can make your own solution.

mix together the washing detergent and water and pour over the moss.

Once the moss has turned brown (an indicator it is dead) you can sweep it away with a hard-bristled brush.

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