I'm a food whizz and save loads of money with my bread defrosting trick – it tastes fresh and takes seconds | The Sun

HAVE you ever bought a loaf of bread only for it to go off before you get through it all?

Or spot a bargain loaf when you're shopping, but know you already have some at home that needs using?

Of course, it's no secret that freezing bread is a great way to make it last longer, but lets fact it, it never taste quite as good.

But one savvy mum shared her defrosting trick which means she can freeze as much bread as she likes and it still tastes fresh.

Posting the trick on TikTok account @becksavesmoney, the money saving whizz explained how she does it.

She said: "I've woken up this morning and all my bread is mouldy so I've resorted to the stuff in the freezer."

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Becky then showed how she managed to take the frozen bread roll from frozen solid to fresh and delicious in a matter of seconds.

The mum simply ran a paper towel under the tap until it was wet, then got rid of the excess water by squeezing it.

She then put the bread roll in the microwave like normal, but places the damp paper towel over the top.

After just 30 seconds the bread was completely defrosted but still tasted fresh, thanks to the damp towel.

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"It's nice and squidgy, this is such a good hack," she said.

Other parents loved the rick too, one said "omg life changing thank you, we always have frozen bread!"

Another said: "Does the bread not come out soggy?"

But Becky assured viewers: "I thought it might but it was just like it was before I froze it!"

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