I’m a fit teacher – students compliment me on my body in class, it makes me want to give them extra credit | The Sun

A FIT teacher complimented by her student has commended his polite approach.

She said his respectful observation made the whole interaction “even better.”

Alongside her teaching, Christina Pina (@christina_pina), is also an avid weight lifter and boxer.

All those hours of dedication in the gym show, and this TikToker is now super toned.

She covers up in the classroom, but she can't disguise her hard work in her latest post.

Christina was ready for a day's teaching and wore a white short-sleeved T-shirt and cargo pants when she revealed what happened.

“I was teaching my lesson pointing at the board, and a student raised his hand," she said.

He asked her: "This is really off-topic and I’m really sorry to interrupt, but do you lift?"

It was the last thing she expected to be asked in the classroom and had to stifle a laugh.

He of course could see her biceps and wanted to know.

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“They started talking about my muscles and I told him I was giving him imaginary extra credit," she joked.

But she was flattered that her muscle definition had been noticed.

Christina's fans agreed.

“Literally the best compliment," said one follower.

While another said: “A+ for noticing your gains.”

Many suggested rewarding that student.

“That’s amazing. Immediately give that student a A+," said one viewer, followed by: "Automatically becomes favourite student.”

On a final note, the student's behavior was the high point: “Personally, I thought the best possible part of that was a student politely apologizing for interrupting you.” 

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