I'm a fit mom and my wobbly bits are totally normal – I'm healthy, not skinny, social media isn't always what it seems | The Sun

A FITNESS-LOVING mom has taken a swipe at social media and its expectations of women's bodies.

She said what you see is not necessarily the real picture and should be treated with caution.

Thisfitmum (@thisfitmum) said she was healthy but even she had wobbly bits.

But as far as she was concerned that was perfectly okay.

She has 42,000 followers on her TikTok, where she posts videos on "diet, fitness and lifestyle.”

Seeking some online authenticity, she opted to show off her wobbly bits.

In her post, she appeared in her colorful workout gear.

She looked trim and slim in her tight leggings and cropped sports top.

But, be warned, she said, what you see is not necessarily the whole story.

“Remember what you see on social media isn’t always as it seems," she said.

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To demonstrate her point, she lowered her leggings to hip level exposing her stomach area.

“Real bodies wobble too," she wrote, grabbing the flesh around her midriff area.

“Don’t take social media at face value," she urged her followers, jiggling her wobbly bits.

“It’s where people show their best selves," she figured.

There was nothing wrong with a bit of loose flesh, she said.

“Wobbly bits are totally normal and healthy.

This lady signed off with an appeal to her followers: “Love the skin you’re in."

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