I'm a female farmer – trolls say we're 'ugly and smelly' but I scrub up pretty well | The Sun

ANY illusions that farmers are lacking in the looks department have been well and truly banished in this viral video.

Following in the footsteps of the TikTok transformational trend, this young female farmer has set the standard and her fans have gone nuts.

Content creator and sheep farmer k8_eeee (@K8_eeee) posts about life in the country – and fashion.

She has a massive following of 138,000, each and everyone tuning in to experience a slice of life in the English countryside.

In her last video, she is standing in a field surrounded by her sheep, dressed in regulation farmer workwear: a pair of blue coveralls worn over a red hoodie.

There is nothing fashional or stylish about her, with her hair dragged back and face makeup free.

“Farmers are ugly and smelly with no sense of style,” she captioned her video, tongue firmly in cheek.

As she approached the camera, there was a sudden change and, hey presto, a very different woman emerged after the transformation.

There was no doubt she had scrubbed up pretty well, dispelling any myth that farmers were 'ugly and smelly'.

This time around, her wardrobe and look had been swapped for an ultra-glamorous one.

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Her long blonde hair was touselled, her face expertly made up, and she wore a slinky blue sleeveless evening dress, with a plunging cleavage.

Her video blew her platform up with over 193,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments.

“Doing it for the girls,” k8_eeee said. “Fashionable farmers we can call ourselves.”

Comments were bowled over by the agricultural beauty.

“Absolutely stunning looking, beautiful girl," was the enthusiastic response of one fan.

“I always say farmer by day and Catwoman by night," was a perspective offered by this follower.

“Smashed it. What a woman," was one breathless comment.

Another insisted: “That’s the best transformation I’ve seen in ages.”

One viewer said her post would take some beating: “Absolutely stunning in both outfits. Nice to see another positive video.”

Several insisted she looked great in either: “I think you look beautiful in both outfits.”

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She managed to change at least one follower's eating habits: "I'm not a vegan anymore.”

Finally, there was at least one marriage proposal: “Marry me.”

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