I'm a fashion expert and black shoes are ruining your style – they make your legs look shorter & don't go with anything | The Sun

IT might be time for a wardrobe refresh if you find yourself wearing black shoes all the time.

They're making you look shorter and they don't match with anything, according to fashion expert Chi Li.

Although black shoes are probably the most popular they shouldn't automatically be your go-to.

Whether it's black trainers, boots or heels – there are loads of better options out there that are more flattering.

For Chi, she said she always found herself throwing on black heels with dresses and other occasion wear.

"Occasion outfits are supposed to be glamourous, but once you put on black pumps because they have that office feel it's going to take away that glamour," the fashion pro explained.


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She recommended wearing metallic gold or silver shoes when you want to dress up instead.

Black shoes are also a nightmare to pair with lighter colours, but especailly pastels.

The contrast between the light colours and black shoes can be harsh and jarring, Chi explained.

But not only that, "black can make the entire outfit look bottom heavy," which is the last thing you want if you're already short.

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Go for white shoes in the summer to soften your look and to appear taller instead, or even find shoes in the same colour as your outfit.

You might also want to rethink what shoes you wear with light wash jeans, Chi said, since black trainers and boots have the same shortening effect.

"The best way to wear light wash denim is to pair them with nude coloured boots," the fashionista revealed.

"Whenever your boots are a similar colour to your skin it's not going to look obvious and that's why the eye is going to notice the cut off line that's making your legs look shorter," she continued.

It's the same rule for white jeans and trousers too – white or nude shoes will be loads more flattering.

"Match your pants colour to the shoes you're wearing, that's going to work magic," she said.

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