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CITY dwellers may love dogs just as much as their suburban counterparts, but not all pups are cut out for apartment life.

One veterinarian has pointed out that there are a few breeds that require more attention and exercise than most busy, working adults can handle.

Potential pet owners are often instructed to do their research in order to find a dog that's personality and genetic tendencies matches well with their lifestyle.

People who are away from home often should keep in mind that some breeds that have higher rates of separation anxiety and need to be played with often.

These five dog breed groups are least suited for absentee parents, according to canine expert, Mark Dos Anjos.

Sled Dogs

Between their beautiful coats and wisdom-filled eyes, the Siberian Husky and other sled dogs are certainly a tempting choice for animal lovers.

However, Huskies are also bred to work, pulling sleds through heavy snow and difficult terrain.

"Bored Siberians are prone to many behavioral problems," remarkedDos Anjos.

The dog behavior specialist has seen people attempting to deal with Huskies that are escape artists, excessive chewers, or professional yard diggers.

While he loves the breed, he said that he has also seen many cases where Huskies were brought to the shelter to be put down after their owners realized they were not equipped to care for them.

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Herding Breeds

For people ready to throw a frisbee and take their dogs out on long hikes, or farmers in need of a helping paw, herding dogs might be the perfect fit.

Herding breeds, such as Border Collies, love to have a job and need an outlet for their excessive energy.

Unfortunately, these fast-paced and quick-witted dogs are probably not the best choice for urban families that don't have much space.

"If you cannot interact with your dog all day long and do not have livestock for him to take care of, this herding dog is not a good breed to adopt," noted Dos Anjos.

Dos Anjos suggests that people think twice before taking in a dog that is constantly looking for its next task.

Hunting Breeds

Some dogs simply need more attention than others.

The Weimaraner, which is a member of the hunting dog breed group, is probably not best for most people who are away from their homes.

"They are prone to separation anxiety, and like many hunting dogs, are known as a 'Velcro' breed," explained Dos Anjos.

Velcro breeds need consistent care from their owners, which is something that is not accessible for many people who work nine-hour long days.

Dos Anjos warns that when hunting dogs are left home alone with nothing to do, they can become rather disruptive.

He encourages avid hunters to adopt this type of dog.

Livestock Guard Dogs

Labs might seem like the perfect laid-back pooch for a preoccupied couple.

However, the breed was designed to guard livestock, and their intelligence makes them prone to a few extra needs.

Dos Anjos does admit that labs have been the most popular breed in the world, year after year. However, that does not mean they are for everyone.

"Labs are intelligent. Maybe too much so," he writes. "Like many intelligent dogs that have nothing to do during the day, labs are prone to separation anxiety," revealed Dos Anjos.

The dog expert believes that labs are best off with larger families that can keep their pups entertained.

Guard Dogs

Guard dogs and watchdogs are wonderful creatures when given proper training, however, not all pet owners can commit to their needs.

Dos Anjos says that German Shepards, in particular, are known for their incredible loyalty to their owners.

Yet, Shepards are also very needy and perform best when they are given one-on-one attention from their masters.

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"Many people adopt one of these dogs and then do not bother with even the most basic training. They expect their German Shepherd to sit around the house and be as happy as any small lap dog," Dos Anjos notes.

For people ready to sign up for some training classes, the German Shepard may become a great surveillance system and worthy companion.

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