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DON'T let your dreams of a home renovation be dashed by high prices – believe it or not, a DIY project can be easier and less expensive than you expect.

According to new research by home experts, you can save thousands by tackling home projects yourself, including one addition that pros could complete for up to $15,000.

The research comes courtesy of Living Cozy, a team of pros who build, test, and review home brands so shoppers know what hot-ticket buys are worth it.

The company's Do-It-Yourself Index revealed the home DIY projects that can save you the most money.

So which project is the biggest money-saver if you choose to do it yourself instead of calling in a pro? Here's a hint: if you start now, you can enjoy your completed addition all winter long.

"An indoor fireplace is the ultimate way to add a touch of luxury and coziness to your home and improve your energy efficiency," the Living Cozy team explained.


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When you book a professional installation, fireplaces come at a steep price, so there's money to be saved if you take it on yourself.

"Having a fireplace installed with a chimney and tempered glass door costs on average $15,000," the experts revealed.

The second-most expensive item on the list might come as a surprise because it's a simple storage solution, but the high price tag makes sense when you account for things like custom-fitted shelves.

"Under stair storage can transform any home with limited closet space and options for storage," the experts explained.

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If you want additional storage space in an otherwise unused part of your home, try converting the area under your stairs. If you want a pro to take on the job, you'll pay a steep choice.

"We found the average cost to be $10,000 for the installation of a 3-door under-stair cupboard with drawers," the pros wrote.

Good news if you've been fantasizing about an outdoor revamp: a DIY patio provides a similar option for savings, up to $6,000.

"Patio paving can transform your outdoor space by adding decor, style and serving as a place to entertain guests," the Living Cozy team noted.

Other DIY projects to consider include kitchen worktops, exterior painting, and library shelves, which range from $3k to $5.6k on average when done by a professional.

You can also save a lot by taking on the lawn and flooring yourself. Artificial grass costs an average of $4,260 for professional installation, while resin floors and kitchen tiles both cost around $3,000.

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And if you take on any of these projects, you won't just be saving money. You'll be on-trend, too.

According to the research, fireplaces, tall shelves, patios, and under-stair storage were some of the most-searched DIY projects over the last year.

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