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BRAD Pitt is the two-time Academy Award and Golden Globe winner known for his revolutionary performances in some of Hollywood's biggest films – but now he's trying to be a skincare professional.

The movie star recently launched his first-ever skincare brand, and one dermatologist has shared her thoughts on it.

At 58 years old, it's safe to say Brad's career has been very successful, but apparently, acting isn't enough.

Now, he's throwing himself into the beauty industry with his new skincare line, Le Domaine.

This four-product "luxury collection" consists of one cleanser, two creams, and a serum, all packaged in tiny bottles made from recycled materials and old remnants of wine barrels.

According to Healthline, the star partnered with the Perrin family, a group of wine growers, to create the sustainable packaging.


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And the materials must not be cheap because the products come with shockingly high price tags.

Aside from the $80 to $400 price range, TikTok dermatologist Dr. Azi had a few comments on the contents of Le Domaine.

In a recent video, Dr. Azi responds to Brad's interview with Allure and offers her opinions on the new skincare line.

Brad walks viewers through his four-step routine that includes the same products that Le Domaine offers.

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He starts with the $80 Cleansing Emulsion.

Then, he uses the $385 Serum and finishes with moisturizers like The Fluid Cream for $310 and the $320 Cream.

"And then I'm done, I'm out the door," Brad admits.

To that, Dr. Azi says: "Brad, we need to talk."

According to Dr. Azi, there's a crucial product and step that the long-time actor is forgetting.

"You need sunscreen before you go out the door. Call me," Dr. Azi proclaims.

Viewers loved Dr. Azi's "call me" comment, but a couple of them didn't realize sunscreen was so essential.

"Okay but why for winter?" one person questioned.

Dr. Azi responded: "UV Rays are out all year all seasons."

However, other commenters expressed their understanding of this need.

"Couldn’t agree more, sunscreen is very important," an experienced supporter wrote.

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