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YOU don't need to be a naturally tidy person to keep your home organized, one decluttering pro said.

All you need to do is stick to five simple rules that will beat clutter and help your house stay tidy year-round.

Kallie Branciforte describes herself as a naturally messy mom, but her 858k YouTube subscribers wouldn't know that.

Branciforte shared her favorite organizational tips in a video, where the mom of two also opened up about her natural inclination away from tidiness.

"I'm not somebody who is necessarily naturally tidy or organized," Branciforte explained. "I realized there are things organized people do, that you can steal from them to be more organized."

First and foremost, organized people give everything in their home a place, Branciforte said.


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Otherwise, Branciforte joked, all the items without a designated spot in the home will find one another, get married, and "have little clutter babies."

"They move from spot to spot, they pile up on the floor, or, worst of all, they finally get shoved into some random closet or drawer," she detailed.

Not only does everything in her home have a designated spot, but when Branciforte introduces anything new to the home, she makes sure it has a designated place.

That plays into her second rule: put things away as soon as possible.

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Bags of shopping and boxes from Amazon don't languish on the table or countertop for days.

"When a package arrives, I now work to tend to it immediately," Branciforte revealed.

And after a home project is finished, she takes the extra time to put away anything she used rather than waiting until it's convenient.

"Organized people also focus on putting away tools and supplies as soon as they are done with them," she shared.

Branciforte also makes an effort not to buy unnecessary things. She calls this rule "shopping mindfully."

Making decluttering a part of her daily routine has made it easier to buy less, she said.

"It is a lot easier not to buy something because you can say, 'Is this really worth me bringing home and then having to manage?'"

As an example, Branciforte talked about her own closet. When she buys clothing, she asks herself whether the item is worth washing, folding or hanging, and maintaining the garment.

"Typically, I don't find the trade-off worth it," she said.

Branciforte's fourth rule is an especially challenging guideline for anyone who isn't naturally inclined toward cleanliness. She declutters often, and makes it a part of her daily routine.

"Clutter doesn't just come into your house one time," she said.

Whether it's mail, gifts, or groceries, there are constant streams of things entering our homes and adding to the daily clutter of cooking, laundry, and life.

"We often don't have as many modes of things leaving our home," the mom added.

That's why relying on big seasonal cleans or massive "purges" from the closet isn't going to make a dent in clutter, Branciforte said.

Instead, get rid of things as soon as you know you don't need them, and organize problem areas of the home on a daily basis.

Finally, Branciforte shared her final rule for decluttering. "Keep your flat surfaces clean," she instructed.

"Flat surfaces often become the holder of things," she explained.

But organized people don't allow their countertops or tables to become piled with stuff, and neither does Branciforte.

"I typically do this two to three times a day," Branciforte said, sharing clips of herself clearing every item from tables and counters in the home.

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Though the frequency may seem excessive, Branciforte said, "It's about that daily maintenance."

Adding two five- to ten-minute "sweeps" of your flat surfaces throughout the day could result in a clean, clear, orderly home by bedtime – and major peace of mind the next morning.

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