I'm a country girl and people call me 'gorgeous' – but I 'love it' when cowboys call me ma'am | The Sun

THE secret behind how a beautiful country girl feels about being called ma'am has been revealed.

One TikToker was shocked by how the answer has shown to be the opposite than what they thought.

TikTok user and country girl Jaid Kenzie (@jaid_kenzie) wrote in the text overlay of her recent video: "When calls me ma'am."

Lip-syncing "I like it, I love it," to the Tim McGraw song's namesake, she finished the lyric "I want some more of it."

Platform users were quick to let the cowgirl know they supported the old-fashioned notion.

"Yes ma'am," one fellow TikToker quipped.

Another flirty comment added, "Anything else, ma'am?"

One TikToker was in disbelief that the name could be perceived positively by a woman.

"Yall mean some of you actually do like when we do that?" they wondered.

A fourth TikTok comment took a different approach altogether to charming the country beauty.

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"Well I believe starting missy than moving to maam than maybe mama," they boldly stated.

In the style of the previous comment, but hoping to sweeten the deal, one comment broke it down with "Hey sugar mama."

A self-described "northern cowboy" even asked Jaid for her number in the comments section, a comment which could have had a tumbleweed silently crossing under it, as the reply section was a ghost town.

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