I'm a cleaning whizz – six things you should never have in your home as they make tidying so much harder | The Sun

CLEANING your home is hard enough as it is, so why make it even more difficult by adding things that attract dust and dirt?

One cleaning whizz shared some of the things she'd never have in her own home and you shouldn't either.

Kacie Stephens, who is the owner of The Big Clean Co. in Melbourne, Australia shared the most annoying things to clean in any home that you should never buy.

First of all, any time of blinds in your home are bound to collect dust, but blinds with small slats are the absolute worst.

They can be extremely fiddly to dust and take twice as long as blinds with larger slats.

Kacie also wouldn't recommend square sinks in the kitchen or bathroom.


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"Those corners are so annoying to clean," she said as she showed off one with a build up of grime that's easy to miss.

On the topic of skinks, black taps are also a big no-no for the keen cleaner.

"Unless you're really sure it's durable" black taps can take a lot of time to keep looking new and not cheap.

Another one of the cleaning pro's tips is to avoid having a gap between the top of kitchen cabinets and the cieling.

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"It's just a space to trap grease on," Kacie explained.

And although a free standing bath can look very posh, if there's a small space between the wall and the edge of the bath you should always make sure it's big enough so you can clean there.

If not, it might be best to stick to a back to wall bath, since they're a lot easier to keep clean.

Finally, the cleaning whizz suggested avoiding windows with small tracks.

They're quick to attract dirt and grime and are especially tricky to scrub clean, and you need to do it more often than you might think.

Kacie joked: "Why are they even a thing?"

Fellow cleaning fans agreed with Kacie, and one person wrote: "I didn’t even think about square sinks!!"

A second commented: "Literally all these things are on my don't buy/renovate list."

"Don’t think about matt black tapware unless you live in a soft water area," someone else wrote.

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