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YOU’VE probably not thought about trying to get rid of scratches on your old plates – but one woman has revealed there is a way to do it with a product that costs just £1.49. 

A savvy cleaner has shared that there is actually a way to rid of the marks and cracks on tarnished plates.

She’s blown people’s minds by revealing how to clean crockery with a very cheap product.

TikTok user @tinktoktink has used something that costs just £1.49 from most supermarkets and other shops. 

Using cleaning substance The Pink Stuff she scrubs in the product with a scourer and gets to work on the plates.

This is then rinsed off under the tap where she showed the amazing before and after. 

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The side which has been scrubbed looks so new and fresh alongside the cracks on the other. 

Viewers are loving the hack and vowed to try it out themselves.  

One person joked: “Tiktok’s daily reminder that my house isn't actually worn down, I'm unknowingly filthy

Another echoed: “Damnnn. Just got rid of 5 plates with these ‘scratches’.”

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"Please, please, for the love of god, I can't keep up with anymore things to clean,” someone else commented.
Some were cautious and questioned whether The Pink Stuff would be okay alongside food usage. 

On The Pink Stuff’s website, they say: “The product is tough on dirt, but safe to use just about anywhere.

“Its magic formula is safe, non-toxic, and environmentally responsible.”

She also washed the plates after using The Pink Stuff to ensure they were extra clean

There were also others who were unsure if the cracks had actually disappeared. 

“Are you sure it’s not just filling in the cracks like grouting? Will I get a mouthful of The Pink Stuff?” one asked. 

Another said: “Sorry to say but those cracks are still there. all The Pink Stuff is doing is absorbing the moisture stuck below the cracked glazed.”

Others were loving the quick-fix hack and wanted to try it out for themselves. 

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A savvy cleaner even offered an alternative if shoppers were unable to get their hands on the product.

“CIF does the same thing for those who can’t get their hands on The Pink Stuff,” they wrote in the comments. 

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