I’m a cleaning whizz and get my dirty oven racks looking as good as new with zero scrubbing – here’s how | The Sun

OVEN racks can quickly become coated in grease and grime if you don't keep on top of cleaning them.

Luckily, one cleaning whizz has shared the simple way she gets them looking brand new when they've seen better days.

Posting her trick on TikTok, Chantel Mila's method involves zero scrubbing, which makes it a winner in our books.

All you need to do grab a couple of old towels and line your bathtub before filling it with hot water.

Then submerge the dirty oven racks in the water, adding a large scoop of laundry detergent.

"The laundry detergent melts off the burn grease, so in the morning you can wipe them down and the burnt-on mess just flakes off," the keen cleaner explained.


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Lining the tub with towels should stop it getting dirty as well, meaning you can chuck the towels in the washing machine afterwards and drain the dirty water.

But you can always try this trick the day before cleaning your bathtub if you're not convinced.

"You're left with shining racks," Chantel raved.

Fellow cleaning fans loved her method too, especially since it doesn't involve any scrubbing.

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One commented on the post: "Yes it really works, I just used the soapy water from my washing machine and let them soak overnight in the laundry sink, amazingly easy."

And a second agreed: "My mum is 78 and taught me this from her days."

Another user mused: "Why not use wash detergent for this? Is there a benefit to using laundry soap instead?"

Chantel noted she's tried both methods and found laundry detergent gave her the best results.

And if you don't have a bathtub, the cleaning whizz added you could use a large plastic tub, or even your sink if it's large enough.

She said: "Use whatever works best for you, as long as they're underwater."

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