I’m a cleaning pro – I use a piece of food to keep flies away from my trash can, but people are skeptical of my methods | The Sun

ONE wise mother has shared her home remedy for ridding flies from the garbage.

People have doubted her method of using a single piece of food to repel bugs from her trashcan, but she swears by it.

As a creator who loves to share her life, Suejalli (@xo.suejalli) often posts household tips and the reality of having children.

In a recent video, the helpful TikTok user showed off her unique way of cleaning the garbage.

And she learned the trick from her mom.

After Suejalli's mom washed out her outdoor trash pales, she threw a piece of food in each of them.

"This is a hack," Suejalli proclaimed.

She put a piece of bread coated in vinegar in the bins to repel flies and maggots swarming the trash.

The soaked bread was dropped to the bottom before the garbage bags.

While Suejalli promised this cleaning hack was worth a shot, viewers were skeptical.

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The idea of using food to rid bugs seemed counterintuitive.

"I used vinegar to attract flies, so I'm confused now," one critic commented.

An honest reviewer admitted: "I did this for a couple of weeks and ended up with more flies."

"I did this, and it attracted flies from all over the neighborhood," another viewer added.

"Seems like a waste of bread," a blunt TikTok user said.

A hopeful woman wrote: "My mom used to do this."

One positive person said: "That is a perfect job for those end pieces."

Some people suggested swapping the piece of bread for a sponge.

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