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DOES cleaning your bathroom, especially the tub or shower, feel like a never-ending task?

That could be due to a common cleaning mistake – but it's an easy fix, and correcting it will actually mean less work for you.

According to the home experts at Yahoo, many homeowners sabotage their cleaning efforts when using a disinfectant in the tub or shower.

If you're using a foaming disinfectant, patience is key, the experts wrote.

Disinfectant cleaners need time to work, or soap scum, caked-on grime, and bacteria will still be in your bathroom no matter how thoroughly you scrub.

"Unless you leave it to sit on the surface for at least 5 minutes," the pros said, "it’s a rather fruitless endeavor."


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After you spray down your tub or shower, shut the bathroom door and walk away for five to 10 minutes.

Then, scrub the sprayed area with a stiff-bristle nylon brush, and rinse thoroughly.

If patience isn't your strong suit, you'll be dismayed to hear the same principle applies for unclogging your drain.

You can easily unclog your tub or shower with two kitchen staples if you're willing to wait.

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The solution works more gently than commercial drain clearers, and you're less likely to damage your pipes.

Pour a half-cup of baking soda into the drain followed by an equal ratio of white vinegar.

"FYI: It will foam up like a fifth-grade science experiment," the Yahoo experts warn.

Then, it's a waiting game. While your drain enjoys five minutes of foam, boil some water.

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Carefully carry the kettle from kitchen to bathroom and rinse, slowly pouring the still-hot water down the drain.

"Doing this once a month should prevent clogs from forming and neutralize any lingering odors," the experts wrote.

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