I'm a cleaning expert and I use $3 mouthwash to get rid of stinky pit stains – even science backs up my hack

YOUR laundry detergent can rest easy – there's a new odor killer, according to a cleaning expert.

Jaime Colby Hidalgo has a wealth of cleaning hacks on her TikTok, and a recent one involving Listerine on sweaty shirt armpits has the internet explaining the science behind it.

The hack is simple.

Crediting her husband for coming up with the hack years ago, Hidalgo stated that you grab a spray bottle and fill it with mouthwash – in this case, Listerine – and thoroughly spray the armpits of shirts that have sweat buildup.

You then let the shirts sit for 10 minutes before throwing them in the washing machine for a normal wash cycle.


And this hack might not be at all surprising because Listerine was originally manufactured as a surgical antiseptic, according to Grunge.

Creators first used to prevent patients from dying of sepsis during surgeries but because they weren't making enough money out of this one use, they decided to market it differently.

After that, it was said to cure dandruff and function as an aftershave, along with floor-cleaner and even treatment for STDs.

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But that STILL didn't hit it off with consumers so it was claimed to kill bacteria in your mouth, which prevented teeth loss.

And therefore, the Listerine you know now was born.


If grime is not your concern and you're looking to save time while doing your laundry, there's a great hack that allows 'lazy' people to minimize the amount of time spent on laundry.

This hack targets socks specifically.

Matching your socks every time and trying to find the ones that end up in the land of no return is a hassle.

For this hack, you buy all of the same types of socks, color-wise and all.

Now you don't have to worry about if your socks match and can put time into things like separating your whites from your reds.

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