I’m a birthing expert, there are four ways to make sure you don’t tear during labour and olive oil is one of them

GIVING birth is not exactly the easiest walk in the park, but it turns out there may be ways to reduce your risk of tearing at least. 

TikTok user @sovereignparenting, who regularly shares tips about childbirth and labour, revealed four pieces of advice to help prevent a rip.

In a video that has over half a million views, she said: “How did I prevent tearing during childbirth?”

Her first tip was to do a “perineal massage.”

She explained the unusual practice saying: “Before I went into labour, my partner and I did perineal massages starting in the third trimester.

“A perineal massage is when you insert a finger or two into your vaginal canal using some sort of lubricant and massage in a U-shaped motion to help prepare your body for labour.”

Her second tip is to not give birth lying on your back and to instead get in a side, lying position. 

For her third tip, you will need a warm olive oil compress. 

She explained: “My doula Ellie held a warm compress with olive oil on the space between my vagina and butt.

“That made it more comfortable to push and helped it not be dry, which also reduces the risk of tearing.”

Her final tip is to push slowly.

She said: “I didn’t shoot Violet out. I really breathed through her crowning process and pushed her out slow.

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“When you give your body room to move and stretch with the baby coming out, you are way less likely to tear.”

Many people were quick to comment, with one saying: “Compressed olive oil. WOAH I would have never had that idea.”

Another added: “THANK YOU FOR SHARING.”

And a third wrote: “”I’m glad you’re ok but this is horrifying to me.”

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