I’m a 5’7” mom who weighs 200 lbs – my tips to flatter your tummy in bathing suits, including the best cut style | The Sun

A MIDSIZE mom has shared her top tips for finding tummy-flattering swimwear.

The content creator revealed the best style to go for when shopping for bathing suits.

TikTok user Claire (@over30momlife) explained: "If you have a tummy and you get conscious in the summertime about what kind of bathing suits to wear, these are some of my favorite tips."

She revealed that she weighs 200 pounds while standing at five-foot-seven.

In her video, the midsize influencer posed in a gingham-print one-piece as she shared her fashion advice.

"I’m just saying, wear whatever makes you feel your best and what you love," she told viewers.

The TikToker continued: "One-pieces have become so sexy. You can get really cute ones now from Loft."

Referring to her swimwear look, Claire said: "I absolutely love it, it has coverage and compression so I can run around and chase my toddler at the beach.

"I also feel like it’s just so cute, especially this gingham print," she added.

For her next tip, the content creator highlighted the importance of print when it comes to flattering your figure.

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"The busyness of it kind of helps with if you want to feel like you don’t want attention drawn to your stomach," Claire explained.

She continued: "A pattern usually helps with that, just a little more busy, and it kind of tricks the eye a little bit."

The fashion fanatic told viewers that she "saved the best advice for last."

"This makes a big difference, I want you to pay attention to this cut," Claire said.

"[Avoid] bathing suits that come across [your leg] rather than a high-leg bathing suit," she advised.

The influencer continued: "Even if you just pull up the suit that you have, I noticed it just gives so much more leg and makes your legs look longer."

Claire explained: "This nice triangle shape [at the top of the leg], rather than drawing you out and making this part look wider, it makes a huge difference."

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