‘I’m 85 years old but I am wrinkle-free thanks to my three-step skincare plan’

A fresh-faced grandma who looks younger than her age has revealed her simple skincare routine for keeping wrinkle-free.

Ava is a beauty creator who shares her favourite makeup and skincare tips on her TikTok account @glowwithava.

She has spoken with her grandma in order to discover some anti-ageing secrets as Ava wishes to “age gracefully” like her 85-year-old grandma, who has shocked Ava’s fans due to her glowing skin.

Ava said: “My grandma has glass skin, so I asked her to show me what she uses in the morning.”

Ava’s grandma has a super simple skincare routine that only requires three steps.

In Ava’s video, her grandmother said her first product is a serum that is excellent at fighting signs of aging, and said it is “good for age spots.”

Ava’s grandma showed herself using the Green Tangerine Vita-C Dark Spot Care Serum by Goodal in order to get glowing skin.

She then put on a moisturizer and used the Ultra-Hydrating Energy-Boosting Cream by GinZing. Ava told her grandma in the video that her skin was getting “brighter and brighter” as she continued with her skincare routine.

For the final step, Ava’s grandma moved onto a sunscreen, and said that this product should be used every day. She put on the UV Defense Moist Cream SPF50+ by Wishtrend. While putting on the product, Ava’s grandma said she believed it was working brilliantly as it was “tightening.”

@glowwithava like actually glass skin ✨ #koreangrandma #grandmaskincare #agespots #glassskin ♬ original sound – AVA

In the video comment section, many users praised Ava and her grandma for the easy tutorial on how to get “glass skin.”

One person wrote: “She has better skin than many younger people.”

Another user said: “Oh my God, your grandma is beautiful, she has better skin than I do.”

Someone else commented: “She looks 60 but she would look younger if she didn’t have grey hair.

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