I’m 51 but my body’s better than it was in my 20s – I work out 20 times a week to look like this and ANYONE could do it

A FITNESS obsessed mum has revealed the secret to her killer physique admitting she works out 20 times a week to stay fit.

Lynn Montoya, a 51-year-old a US-based fitness trainer, says she even looks better now than she did in her 20s and that it's easy for any woman to achieve.

The fitness fanatic, who boasts over 45k followers on Instagram, regularly helps her clients get into shape with her personalised training programs.

But regardless of their age or fitness level, Lynn insists it just takes dedication toliving a healthy and active lifestyle. 

The brunette bombshell particularly likes to help middle-aged women get stronger and happier with in-person and virtual training sessions, helping them to achieve incredible results.

She insists that the "path is simple" and all that's required is "strength training, HIIT workouts, eating clean and getting your hormones checked yearly.”

Speaking to Jam Press, Lynn explained, “We women are conditioned to believe that as we age, we need to take it easy and that workouts need to be slow-paced and humdrum. I believe just the opposite.

"I have my clients eat only clean real food, train them hard, and the results are incredible.”

In order to maintain her own gym-hone figure, Lynn works out a whopping 20 times per week, as well as teaching corporate fitness, private fitness classes and spin classes.

The fitness guru was already repetitively known in the Southern California area, where she lives, but since launching her Instagram page grown a huge fan base thanks to her fitness tips, workout videos and bikini-clad snaps.

But she says her posts online are about "empowering women to be strong in their 50’s and beyond", as well as sharing a healthy mix of recipes and a “dose of racy photos that surely entice male followers to stay engaged.”

As well as sharing exercises to improve health and fitness, Lynn also revealed how workouts can improve other areas of your lifestyle – including your sex life.  

"Science suggests lifting weights improves sex drive by encouraging your body to produce more testosterone," she wrote in a recent Instagram post. 

"Since healthy testosterone levels are associated with sexual desire, doing exercises that can increase testosterone may also amp up your libido. 

"If you already do some type of strength training as part of your fitness routine, some minor tweaks may be all you need to ensure you’re maximizing your testosterone-producing potential. " 

She also suggested that intense cardiovascular exercise like HIIT "is an excellent way to blow off steam because it lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body".

Adding that elevated cortisol has been shown to significantly reduce testosterone, so keeping your stress in check is crucial for maintaining a healthy sex drive.⁣⁣

But the excessive training isn't just to looked good, she says, as Lynn also wants women to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle when it comes to avoiding illness as they age.

In a separate Instagram post she explained how maintaining a healthy weight is key for maintaining good health. 

"Staying at a healthy weight is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your risk for cancer, " she wrote. 

"When it comes to cancer, the only thing more important than maintaining a healthy weight, is not smoking. This is because excess weight causes inflammation and hormonal imbalance. "

Immersing herself in all the internet as to offer, Lynn also runs a YouTube channel which features over 100 workouts designed for at-home use.

As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also just managed to complete the Burpee Challenge’ video which has gone viral online.

The goal to be considered an ‘athlete’ is 12 minutes, and times under eight minutes are extremely rare, that is until now.

But the mum, who is eligible for American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) membership, managed to rack up a whopping 100 of the exhausting burpees in just over six amazing minutes, cutting that time in half.

“My mission is to prove to middle-age women that you can be strong and sexy at any age,” she explained. “

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