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A 25-year-old woman has revealed how much she loves being a young mum… to her 14-year-old "bonus" son.

Courtney Lee Hewitt reveals that she gets trolled online for having a teenage son when she is only in her mid-twenties.

Taking to her TikTok, where she posts under the domain @courtneyleehewittthe woman dances along to a rap song with the young lad.

"When you just turned 25 and you have a 14-year-old bonus son," she says.

Adding: "Had to redo the first video we had together – that blew up. TikTok do yo thing."

The post, which has a whopping 16 million views, was titled 'Be mad about this one, Karen'.

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'Bonus' also refers to a step relative but the video dancing with her stepson has received numerous comments from confused viewers.

"What is a bonus son" commented, one person.

Another added: "I thought that was your actual son and was like you had him at 11?

"That math doesn't add up, someone help me to understand" commented a third.

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In a follow-up post, she answers people's questions about her stepson.

Answering one viewer's question: "I don't get what you mean by bonus son. Could you explain it? I am new to your videos and love them by the way. Sorry if this upsets you," she said, "Welcome to my TikTok."

"I am not offended, I being asked love questions.

"Being a bonus mother is earned, the stepmother is just someone who marries the dad."

The post which has been viewed over 232k times has been met with numerous comments from people who now understand.

"Oh, I like that, bonus mom has a good ring to it" commented one person.

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"I was so curious. Glad to get this answered.

"Bonus son/mom is a nicer term than saying stepson or stepmom" commented a third.

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