If Justin Bieber's Cozy Hoodie Looks Familiar, It's Because His Wife, Hailey, Wore It First

Justin Bieber Wearing Billie Eilish Merch

Justin Bieber posted a picture of his massive walk-in closet on Instagram, and we learned many things from it. 1) Like most of us, Justin is also a Billie Eilish fan. The singer was wearing a red stickman hoodie from Billie’s merch line with a pair of black pants. (We’re sure Billie is ecstatic as she’s gone on record to say she’s a huge Belieber.) 2) His walk-in closet is absolute goals. 3) Along with an array of colorful long-sleeved tees, graphic-print t-shirts, and hoodies, Justin also owns a covetable piece of fashion history: the Louis Vuitton x Supreme trunk. To give you an idea of just how covetable the piece from the collab is, it’s currently selling on eBay for over $100K.

The singer, who is currently quarantining with wife Hailey Bieber at their house in Ontario, Canada, might be taking pieces from his wife’s closet. It turns out, Hailey wore the same hoodie Justin is wearing just a few weeks prior. She was seen cuddled up in the red hoodie while Justin wore a white one from Billie’s collection back in April. Keep reading to get a closer look at JB’s enviable walk-in closet, then shop their exact red stickman hoodie if you’re looking to rep Billie as well.

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