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AN EX-LUSH employee has revealed that customers would always say the same annoying things when she worked at the high-street chain. 

Jess, who posts on TikTok under the username @jessicacvl, explained that middle-aged men would often make the same annoying joke and young girls would always have the same request.

Not only this, but she claimed that young men would often say the same irritating thing and middle-aged women would always have a specific complaint.

The ex-Lush worker shared a clip on the social media app with the caption ‘my nightmares still involve customers who insist on exactly 100g of soap.’

She said: “Every day when I worked at Lush.” 

Jess claimed that certain types of people would often say the same things to her as a Lush employee.

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First she shared an image of an angry-looking middle-aged woman with her arms crossed, as she claimed that these women would often say “It stinks in here. I could never work in a place like this” to which she responded “fine then, don’t lol.” 

She then shared an image of a middle-aged man and claimed that they would often joke: “Soap?! Surely that’s a wheel of cheese?! You must get hungry working in here eh!” 

Following this, Jess posted an image of a woman holding her baby and claimed that certain mothers would be very pedantic abut the ingredients in products.

She claimed that these parents would say: “I need a paraben free, sulphate free, GMO free, hypoallergenic face mask for Tobias. He can’t go to Montessori meditation gym like this.” 

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As well as this, she claimed that young men would never know what to buy and would state: “Just get me whatever you think my girlfriend would like for under twenty quid.” 

Finally, according to Jess, young girls would always want to see demonstrations.

She shared an image of a group of young girls and claimed that they would say: “If you don’t demo the bath bomb Zoella unboxed on Instagram three hours ago we’ll torch the place.”

Jess’ video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 110.3k views.

It has 7,533 likes, 107 comments and 82 shares.

Many other Lush employees could relate to Jess and were quick to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “I love lush but the sales techniques are so full on.” 

Another added: “I work for lush in north america and it’s the same experience across the pond it seems 🥰.”

A third commented: “I see no lies (worked at lush in Rome and Florence)”

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Someone else claimed: “I had “don’t you get a headache working here” at least twice a day.” 

Whilst another stated: “You nailed it. worked at the Oxford Street store for 5 years. Nightmare to say the least.” 

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