I work at Boots… customers always make the same five boring comments and old men and young boys are the worst | The Sun

A BOOTS employee has gone viral after revealing the comments customers make on a daily basis.

Wherever you work and whatever you do for a living, a typical work day will look pretty much the same for the most of us – and Priyanka, who works at Boots, is no exception.

The young woman took it to TikTok to reveal the same five boring comments customers make when entering the store – and old men and young boys are the worst.

The video, which has since taken the internet by storm, racking up close to 160,000 views, sees a snap of Priyanka wearing her work clothes with the text that reads: ''pov [point of view]: you work at boots''.

According to the employee, there will always be a middle-aged customer not too keen on paying for a bag.

''10p for a paper bag? isn't that illegal?''

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Next, Priyanka had inserted a stock image of an older bloke whom she had used as an example to reveal what some say when it comes to check-out.

''no need for the receipt. as long as you don't stop me on the way out haha,'' the customer would be chuckling.

But it's not just older men who, according to Priyanka, make weird comments – young boys do too.

The Boots employee claimed that such store visitors would often shoot their shot and ask: ''excuse me darling, could you help me with the condom sizing''.

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Another customer arriving at the store looking to spice up his life, Priyanka said, was an elderly male.

According to the employee, he would approach her asking for a little extra booster: ''just the viagra please.''

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Fans of the brand know that the stores also operate with a points system – which comes particularly handy now as families are set to be thousands of pounds worse off, as cost of living crisis grips the nation.

And, of course, customers will be more than keen to get the best deal possible if it means saving money.

''why can't i pay it all with points [sic]?!'' an elderly woman would be wondering, Priyanka claimed in the viral clip.

Viewers and fellow Boots employees were in hysterics and many took it to comments.

''Or ‘I left my advantage card at home cant you search it by name or address’,'' chuckled one.

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Someone else said: ''Can’t lie Boots has to be the maddest place I’ve worked.''

''working at boots makes me reconsider my life decisions 24/7,'' a third added.

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