I went to Aldi & did a huge candle haul – here's the bargain buys that are worth your money, including a Diptyque dupe | The Sun

WITH Christmas just around the corner, many of us will spend the dark and chilly evenings snuggling up on the sofa with a candle on and festive film playing.

So, if you enjoy the Christmas scents of cinnamon and orange filling the rooms in your house, then you're in luck…because Aldi have some bargain candles on offer.

Taking to TikTok (@klaudiacloud), a woman named Klaudia shared the huge candle haul she did in the popular supermarket store, so that you'll know which ones are really worth your money.

"I went to Aldi for a pack of rice, and I ended up with loads of candles," she begins.

If, you know, Aldi does the best dupes for candles.

"And let me start off with the goody, which is this Diptyque,
and I call it Dupe-tyque candle, which was £3.45, and it's so cute.



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"It's the 'orange clove' candle – it's insane."

Next up, Klaudia holds up a cinnamon and patchouli candle, which is priced at just £3.50.


"It smells so good," she enthuses.

"And I feel like if you're burning candles during this season, you're not gonna feel so guilty on burning £3."

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The Aldi fan then goes on to share another candle, which is a nutcracker, which she points out she doesn't know if it's a dupe.

"It's so cute and Christmassy," she says.

"Obsessed with it!

"I would say the sticker feels a little bit cheap, but if you pop it on the table or if you put it in a little chest of drawers or something, it's going to look really nice.

"And this smells so gorgeous – this is the Clementine scent.

"This was actually £2.50, which is crazy."

Next up, Klaudia goes on to discuss the little scented tea lights, which she paid £1.99 for.

"They smell so good," she says.

"I got this in the scent cranberry, and I'm gonna pop them all around the house."

Leaving the best until last, she explains: "This is a 4.5 kg candle, which is a dupe for the White Company candle guys.

"It's massive.

"This was £24 and it's so heavy and it has really nice little details of, cloves."

She continues: All of the four candles – three small ones, the massive one, and a tea lights cost me £35…RUN!"

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 65k views and several comments from Aldi fans up and down the country.

"I got the huge white company dupe!! Obsessed," wrote one.

A second enthused: "Love all the Aldi candles, amazing value. I'll definitely be looking out for these."

A third commented: "How come EVERYONE I know goes into Aldi for rice and buys candles. This cannot be a coincidence!"

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "The packaging is so cute as well! I need these!"

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