I wear no bra with a white bodysuit – my simple hack stops your nipples from showing | The Sun

A WOMAN on TikTok has shared her favorite trick for covering her nipples, resulting in an elegant look that’s convenient and easy to use. 

The video showed a product designed by a woman that solves an issue faced by most girls who wear strapless tops. 

The video was shared by Taylor Capuano (@taylorcapuano1), a designer who devised a new product that has been featured in various magazines and websites for its versatility. 

Capuano shared a TikTok showing how her hack works. 

“White bodysuit bra hack,” reads the text over the clip.

The clip shows Capuano wearing a white and tight top and showing off her product, which is called Cakes. 

Cakes is a type of bra that’s minimalistic, discreet, and reusable. 

In the clip, she shows off the bra and the various colors that it comes in, showing the difference that it makes to wear one when you’re looking for a product that covers your nipples. 

“They actually grip the skin with your body’s natural heat,” Capuano explains in the video. 

She proceeds to show off the different colors in which Cakes are available, which include honey, caramel, and cocoa. 

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Capuano shared that the product doesn’t use any type of adhesives, meaning that it’ll never get sticky with your shirt’s fabrics and fluff. 

“You can use them hundreds of times, they don’t get gross,” she said. 

Capuano also explains that with every purchase, the company grants a dollar to cancer research. 

In her videos, Capuano has shared some of the feedback she’s received from customers, who purchase Cakes to cover their nipples, shape their breasts, and more. 

“We started hearing from our customers that they will wear Cakes plus to get an instant look of firmness and shape,” she said, showing that the bras have multiple purposes and uses. 

“Super seamless, full coverage,” she concludes the clip. 

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