I was fuming when my husband sold our baby shower gifts to go on a trip with his mates – so I ratted him out to everyone

A MUM-TO-BE has expressed her anger after discovering her husband sold their baby shower gifts so he could go on a trip away with his mates.

The pregnant woman, 27, who is from the US, explained that she's expecting her first child with her 32-year-old husband, who she has been with for three years.

Taking to Reddit, she said her loved ones threw them a baby shower and they were lucky enough to have been spoilt with a selection of baby gifts for their impending arrival – including pacifiers, books, baskets and pyjamas.

But despite storing everything away safely following the celebrations, the presents, some of which were worth up to £75, were nowhere to be seen the next morning.

"I freaked out and called my husband, he didn't pick up so I waited until he got back," the mum-to-be wrote.

But nothing could prepare her for what she was about to see or hear.

"He got back with money in his hands," she continued. "I told him my baby shower gifts were gone and he said he took them and sold them.

"All of the baskets, books, pyjamas, diaper pack, pacifiers, stuff worth £75."

"I asked him why and he said because he wanted to help his friend get his van fixed so they could go on a trip next week."

Understandably, the pregnant woman was mad, but her husband still didn't seem to see a problem.

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"I started yelling at him saying that I needed those things for our baby, but he said we already have a nursery full of essentials then said he had no choice because his friends threatened to exclude him from the trip if he didn't help fix the van," she explained.

As he continued to insist she was "overreacting," the woman decided she'd had enough – and outed his actions to their friends and family.


"I told everyone we know what he did and he started getting calls and texts from them basically calling him names and shaming him," she wrote.

"He yelled at me saying I f****d up and acted immaturely by exposing him to everyone and sending them after him.

"He said that it is his baby too and he is entitled to half those gifts."

She went on to say how he's now ghosting her and staying with a friend, before asking social media users whether she was in the wrong for telling everyone what he did.

"NTA, and find yourself a good divorce lawyer," advised one.

A second agreed: "Yep, a hubby who steals from his soon-to-be-a-mum wife will only get worse."

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Another penned: "He believes he's entitled to half of the gifts for a child? What a jerk. Throw the whole man away."

Meanwhile, a further added: "People need to figure out that their partner is like this before they breed with them, the world would be better off as a whole."

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