I wanted a cute tooth gem but wasn't going to fork out £80 so got my own kit from Amazon & here's how it went | The Sun

THEY'VE had a surge in popularity over the past year or so.

But getting a tooth gem at a reputable salon can be pricey – with most places charging upwards of £80.

And while CC was desperate to add some bling to her grin, she wasn't willing to fork out that much for the new addition.

So instead, she bought a kit from Amazon, and did it herself in the comfort of her own home.

"I've done it before, and I'm gonna do it again," she said in a video on her TikTok page.

She then took an orange stick and dipped it into the wax of a candle to make an applicator.

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"Wax is actually the best thing for picking up the little gems," she explained.

CC then showed the gems she'd purchased, as well as some little Saturn designs – that actually turned out to be nail decals.

She used two cotton buds to hold her lips back from her teeth, before applying the adhesive the kit came with.

"We've just gotta go for it!" she said.

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"I just bought my DIY tooth gem kit from Amazon.

"I've done it many times before, and it always works out well with no damage."

After putting the gems and gold designs in place, she added some lip gloss and smiled to show off the finished look.

"I love it!" she concluded.

"I'm gonna enjoy sparkling for as long as I can!"

"is it too much? But the little saturn!" she wrote in the caption.

While CC didn't reveal the exact kit she'd bought on Amazon, similar ones sell for around £6.

"What tooth gem kit was it that you bought?" one person asked her in the comments section.

"Have wanted to get tooth gems for sooo long!"

To which CC replied: "It was just a crystal kit from Amazon!

"And I added on the gold nail decals to the order lol."

"I wanna do this now!" someone else wrote.

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As a third insisted: "I neeeeedddd to do this."

"OMG, so beautiful," another praised.

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