I want kids but I have to prioritise travel – I took NINETEEN trips in one year, who has time to change nappies?

A WOMAN who went away NINETEEN times in just one year has revealed she doesn’t have time to start a family. 

Rachel Douglass, 34, who has been with her husband for nine years, said her career has been an obstacle to starting a family.

The events account manager who lives in Worthing, West Sussex, says: “In my industry, you work project to project and you have to be up for travel, with week-long trips or even longer. You don’t get a moment to breathe or think about doing anything outside of work.

“In 2019, I went on 19 trips to Las Vegas, Dubai and Europe. I’m ambitious and always wanted to go far within my industry, which I feel like I have done.

“You want to see the project through but as soon as you do, you’re onto the next one which makes it really difficult to plan.”

Rachel, whose husband is a sports writer, says she doesn’t feel peer pressure to have children but does consider her biological clock.

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“I don’t get pressured to have kids,” she says. “My husband is probably the most vocal about it, purely because he’s 10 years older than me.

“He wants to start trying soon but I’ve got some big projects coming up with work. Part of me thinks ‘maybe when that’s over’ but I know something else will pop up at that point.

“I worry it could be hard to have kids when I’m ready. You never know though, we might have already missed our window, and I’m a bit apprehensive to try for that reason. If someone told me I couldn’t conceive, that would be shattering and I’m well aware it could happen.”

Meanwhile Sha Supangan, 33, is single and dating but says she is not willing to settle for the wrong man in order to have babies.

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The DJ from Wimbledon, south west London, says: “I’m one of seven children and having kids is definitely in my plans, but I can’t find a man mature enough to settle down with.

“I’ve only been in two serious relationships and they both ended after a year because they weren’t ready to commit.

“Men my age are afraid of commitment and I’m bored of it. All they want is one night stands – I’ve even been asked to have open relationships before, which is not my bag.”

And according to music graduate Sha, the pandemic has made the landscape for single women even more bleak.

“Men my age act like teenagers,” she says. “If you mention kids on a date, even just casually, they will run a mile.

Covid has made blokes even more commitment-shy, because they want to play the field now the country has opened up.

“I’m willing to wait until I find the right man, even if it takes five or more years. He needs to have a sensible head and the same life goals. I’ve been told to settle for less but I refuse.”

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Sha’s career as a DJ means she travels a lot but this wouldn’t deter her from settling down.

“My career is important to me but it wouldn’t stop me settling down with a house and babies, I would happily do that if I found the right man,” she says.

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