I tried Justin Bieber's black spot stickers – I got a few weird looks and people didn't want to copy me | The Sun

JUSTIN Bieber was spotted rocking his signature sporty look earlier this month – but with a new and unusual addition.

The 28-year-old wore black, star-shaped acne patches on his face along with his Balenciaga sweatshirt and gray beanie on January 3.

When he is not at high-profile events, he has been seen rocking colored pimple patches regularly.

Traditionally, pimple patches have been clear and skin-colored to draw attention away from blemished kin.

But Bieber has completely turned the beauty industry on its head by owning his acne and rocking the black and bold StarFace Pimple Patches, $12.99, in public.

It's led some to wonder if wearing bright pimple patches out and about could be a potential style trend for 2023.

I took this theory to the streets of Midtown Manhattan to ask people what they thought about the notion and the One Time singer's influence.

To make my travels more fun, I also dressed up in my best Justin Bieber-inspired fashion ensemble.

I donned a white Drew sweatshirt from the pop star's clothing line, black and white patterned joggers, a black beanie, and white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.

The costume was, of course, completed by the black Starface pimple patches that I scattered across my face because, I too, have a breakout every now and then.

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I took to the streets and asked pedestrians three primary questions.

  • Do you foresee pimple patches being a major fashion trend in 2023?
  • Would you wear these pimple patches out and about in public?
  • If Justin Bieber didn't popularize the patch trend himself, would they still be considered cool?

We first spoke to a group of friends who were honestly intrigued by the pimple patches on my face and wanted to know more.

"Personally wouldn’t wear [them] out in the open, but can see why fans would jump on the trend if he started it," one young woman said.

I then asked her if she would wear my complete outfit out and about, especially the Starface patches.

"I love the oversized hoodie and comfy look, and I'd wear it like five to seven days of the week if I could," she added, tactfully avoiding my question about the patches.

A group of college girls claimed that people in their school wore them all the time, so they could definitely see them as a cooler trend this year.

The duo were such big fans of the skincare item that I even let them put a few on themselves and take some home for personal use.

On the opposite end, a young couple had differing thoughts about the look.

The girlfriend explained that she's already seeing people wearing colored pimple patches, while her male partner didn't see it as a potential trend.

"If Justin Bieber wasn’t Justin Bieber, it wouldn’t be popular. Justin Bieber can pull off anything because he's Justin Bieber," he said.

Another interviewee said whether they would wear one depends on their look that day – as it wouldn't work so well with an office get-up.

I agree and if I'm walking around in sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and no makeup, then I probably would pop one on again.

I also think I would wear one on a night out as a fashion statement and extra touch, especially if I was wearing an all-black outfit.

But if I was wearing a business casual outfit and heading to work, I probably would steer clear of the decision.

In the end, I believe your environment plays a big choice in everything.

Did the spot stickers actually work on me?

The instructions recommend putting them on overnight, and I wore them for five hours as I ran around New York City and sat in an office.

I feel like my spots were definitely more dried up, as if some of the impurities were lifted out.

Overall, I would like to try them again at night after completing my skincare routine.

Justin Bieber may be on to something as 2023 lifestyle and beauty hacks begin to take shape – but expect a few strange looks if you take them to the streets.

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