I thought my sister was joking about what she wanted to call her son – it's a dog's name, he'll be bullied for life | The Sun

A WOMAN left her sister "very offended" when she told her the name she'd chosen for her son is one usually given to dogs.

She took to Reddit's Am I Being Unreasonable? forum to explain the situation, revealing she thought her sibling was joking when she announced what she wanted to call her unborn baby.

"Emily is currently 8 months pregnant with her bf's child, and found out a while ago it's going to be a boy," she wrote.

"She's been talking about baby names a lot, and decided the other day that she wants to name the baby Buddy.

"At first I actually thought Emily was joking but no, she was serious.

"She said she has her heart set on this name.

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"My parents didn't react and just said 'if that's the name you want, by all means'."

The woman was much more honest with her thoughts about the moniker, but her honesty led to a row with her sister.

"I told Emily that the name Buddy is going to get the child bullied, and that people associate that name with dogs," she continued.

"She got very offended, and said that she can name her kid whatever the hell she wants, and said I'm being a bad aunt.

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"I didn't intend to offend Emily and tried to talk about it as respectfully as possible, if she actually goes through with this name I think she'd be making a mistake and could subject my nephew to bullying and teasing until he's old enough to change his name.

"I think someone had to say it."

She then added that they are from Australia, where "Buddy is exclusively associated as a name for pets and as a nickname for young boys".

"Which is why I think the name is a poor choice and could result in bullying," she wrote.

People were quick to weigh in on the situation, with many insisting that Buddy is a name that won't be taken seriously when he's an adult.

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"This is going to be an adult one day," one wrote.

"Can you imagine walking into a meeting with your accountant 'Buddy'?"

"I hate that people give their babies names that are only cute for babies, forgetting that babies grow up," another added.

"Buddy is a terrible name, but a cute nickname."

As a third commented: "If it was my friend/family I would have voiced my concerns too.

"You have done so, now it’s time to leave it.

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"In my experience even if you hate the name during their pregnancy, you learn to love it when baby gets here, as you love them.

"I hope your sister's pregnancy goes well."

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