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A WOMAN has revealed why she decided to ditch heavy makeup and embrace her natural skin – and claims it never looks that good in reality. 

Saga Johnson took to YouTube to share why she made the decision to stop wearing make-up four years ago – and is encouraging other women to do the same. 

The content creator claims she began to feel like she couldn’t leave the house with makeup – and so decided to ditch the made up look to help her fall back in love with her skin. 

Known online as @SagaJohanna, the YouTuber regularly shares updates on her minimalist lifestyle. 

In a new video, she said: “For me, one of the biggest problems with makeup that I’ve come to realise more and more since I’ve stopped wearing it, is that before I knew it, I had to wear makeup every time I went out… because I didn’t look as good as I could, in my own eyes. 

“I wasn’t good enough if I went to a party without makeup. I wasn’t pretty enough.”


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Her main reason for deciding to ditch foundation, blusher, and the like – because it never looked as good on her skin as it did in photos or in adverts. 

“One of the biggest motivators for me that has now become one of the biggest reasons that I don’t like wearing makeup is because I finally realised that it never looks good in real life. 

“I don’t know if you’ve had this experience, but every time I put on foundation, I'd be disappointed. 

“Yes, it minimised my redness and my unevenness, but it seemed to maximise the visual effect of my uneven skin texture. 

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“Every time I put on makeup, I used to think to myself, ‘oh no, I wish my skin was perfect so my skin would look perfect’.”

She also claimed that these products can contain toxic chemicals which have been linked to conditions such as cancer, asthma, and thyroid issues. 

The content creator also shared the four steps she took which helped her stop judging her skin, adding: “I’ve done this through very practical steps. One of them is not wearing makeup, so that means being accustomed to it and letting it take time to get used to what my skin actually looked like. 

“The other thing is not investigating or looking at my skin through super close-ups, or standing in the mirror for 10 or 20 minutes. 

“Some other rules I have created for myself to help me on this journey is not picking my skin ever, not matter how much I want to.”

She added: “And another key thing I think people do without being aware of it is zooming in on photos. 

“I simply do not do it anymore.”

Her decision to embrace the natural look attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 1,000 likes and 21,000 views. 

In the comments, women shared their reactions, with one writing: “I'm 21 and I only wore makeup twice in my life. I really like myself this way and I never felt insecure about my decision to not use makeup until recently. Your video and all the comments here really comforted me. We're beautiful as we are!”

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Another said: “It's easy to fall for the pressure to look good. Using makeup, trying to keep up with fast fashion etc. I wish we all could just be ourselves, no pressure, no stress, no judgement. But – I reckon that's too good to be true right….”

A third added: “I am heading in this direction. Listening to your words feels so encouraging… I felt I needed makeup to leave the house. One time I answered the door with a bare face and the neighbor children looked horrified.”

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